Wax Cord / Braids Applications

Some of the common applications of waxcords, braids, ropes, tapes etc. and suggested type of crord / braid / rope / tape is listed below.

Type of Cords, Braids or Tapes Applications
Wax Cord (Polished Cotton Cord) Costume Jewelry, Shoe Laces, Fashion Accessories, Decoration of Fruit Baskets and Flower Basket, Hats and Garden Furniture, Draw strings, Purses, Hand Bags, Carry Bags, Eye glass strings,
Synthetic Cords Garments, Shoes, Shoe Laces, Cell phone slings, Spectacle Slings, Eye glass strings, Venetian Blinds, Lamp switches, Watch bands, Fashion Bands, Nightwear
Flex Cords (Jute cords) Costume Jewelry, Garments, Bags, Draw strings, Hand Bags, Carry Bags
Gope Cords Costume Jewelry
Mono Filament cords Fishing Nets, Specialty Ropes, General Purpose Ropes
Webbings and Tapes Saddlery, Harness, Garments, Sports Accessories, Belts, Waist Pouches, Travel Bags, School Bags, Ruck Sacks, Tents, Webbing
Specialty Cords, Ropes and Tapes Parachute Cords, Climbing Ropes, Ladder Ropes, Mountaineering Ropes, Generator starting ropes, Ski Ropes, Ski Ropes
Leather Cords and Braids Shoe Laces, Jewelry, Garments, Fashion Accessories, Hats, Saddlery and Harness

There may be many more possible applications for wax cords, braids, synthetic cords and tapes. For your specific applications and suitable cords, please contact us

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