• We are open to expand our operations, products and join hands with partners from around the world in the areas of production, trading, marketing as well as manufacturing.
  • If you are looking for an associate for manufacturing cotton or synthetic cords similar items which are in synergy with our existing line of products, you may contact us for possibilities of partnering.
  • We have expandable infrastructure to cater to specific design, construction, custom specific cords as well as private label and branding for you.
  • We have addition resources in terms of manpower, plant and machinery to cater to your specific needs on a mutually agreeable basis.
  • If you are a manufacturer or trader of cotton cords, synthetic cords or act as buying agent for your geographical area please get in touch.

Please use the following form to fill in the details, and we shall get back to you to discuss potentially beneficial business.

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  Leather Cords and Braids
  Woven Tapes

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