What is Wax Cord ?

As the generic name indicates, these are cords made using cotton fibre and are processed in order to give an aesthetic look. The basic application of this product is in the artificial jewelry segment as a string which anchors all the artificial components. Conventionally, the industry used to use the Leather waste by twisting and making a string called Leather Cord or String. Two basic draw-backs in the product were that being a leather waste produce the same did not possess the requisite strength and also being a leather product when it came in contact with the sweat it would lead to pungent odour.

In order to overcome the two draw-backs enlisted above the textile industry came up with cords made out of natural fibre namely cotton, which has the required strength for the purpose and also overcomes the odour problem as cotton is sweat absorbent. Added advantages are that the product can be had in any colour as dyeing of cotton cords is much cheaper and easier than that of leather.

Wax cord is made using the yarn and then processing it through various stages. These stages are
The yarn is processed thorough braiding machines, where multiple yarns are combined in a specific pattern to yield a composite string, which is much stronger than the yarns.

Braids are textile compositions made with yarn thread crossing in diagonal direction. Each thread intertwines the diagonal threads it crosses one from above and one from below. Braiding machines are used for such constructions. Strength of braids and time of braiding shows the quality of the braiding machines.
Primarily there are two kinds of braids : Round Braids and Flat Braids, depending on their construction.
In order to impart the desired colors, the strings are then dyed using various non hazardous dyes.
Chemical Treatment
The strings are treated with special formulations of chemicals, which are non hazardous and at the same time impart colour fastness and improve the properties of strings, as per the intended usage.
Finally, the processed strings are polished. In the conventional process, it used to undergo through coating. The coated strings had certain drawbacks, for example - cracking of coating at lower temperature. We have developed the indigenous process of polishing, which eliminates the drawbacks of coatings, yet imparting desirable finish and water / moisture resistance to the finished strings.

The final product is known as Wax Cord or Leather Look Cord.

Comparison of Wax Cord and Leather Cords

Properties Leather Cord Leather Look Cord or
Wax Cord
Raw Material Leather Waste Fresh yarn
Strength Less - due to Raw material Stronger than Leather Cord (which is made of leather waste)
Roundness Less uniformly round More uniformly round
Colors Limited (Say 5-6) More than 41 shades of various colors available with us
Nature Hazardous to skin due on contact with skin perspiration Non-hazardous to skin
Odor Pungent on contact with skin perspiration Odorless
Price Expensive Cheaper
Production Less being manual More as mechanical
Animal Killing May require Does not require

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