Quality Testing and Control

We are committed to provide a high quality product to our customers. In order to maintain a high level of products, we perform a number of tests on our cords, strings and tapes. The type of the test depends of the nature of cord, string or tape. Following tests are performed to ensure the desired characteristics and properties.
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Denier Tests (All cords)
  • Count Test (All cords)
  • Picks Test (Cords)
  • Reed Test (Tapes)
  • Tensile Strength Test (All Cords and Tapes)
  • Bursting Strength Test
  • Dyeing Test for color fastness (for dyed cords and tapes)
  • Color Matching Tests
  • Chemical Tests (Only for polished cords)
  • Color Grading

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