Synthetic Cords, Braids, Specialty Cords & Ropes


The synthetic cords are made by processing through round or flat braiding process, as the case may be, using Synthetic yarns (viz., Poly Propylene, Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, etc)

Specialty Cords, Synthetic Braids and Ropes etc.

Many of the applications demand special properties and characteristics for the synthetic braided cords. These applications often require high strength, resistance to elongation, abrasion and harsh weather conditions. We are providing these cords as per the application (e.g. Sports and adventure related applications, Industrial applications, Agricultural applications


The Synthetic and Specialty cords are available in hanks


The synthetic cords as well as specialty cords and ropes find their applications in various industrial usages. Some of the possible usages are found the following segments

  • Apparel Industry
  • Shoe Industry
  • Cordage Industry
  • Sash Cords
  • Water Ski Ropes
  • Mountaineering Ropes
  • Yachting Ropes
  • Parachute Ropes
  • Fishing Nets
  • Venetian Blind Cords
  • Starting Ropes for Generators

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